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Frederiksborg Amtsavis lørdag den 25th August, 2018

New book from the European Art Museum

In September 2016, the European Art Museum opened in the former Gallery GAL's premises in Vinderød. At the same time a book was published about the artists who were represented at the opening ceremony. In 2017, a new book with presentation of artists was published again, and now also with various design effects that came to pass during the year. This year, September 1st, a solid and colorful booklet entitled "To see the art-is the art to see" will be published. It is a complete description of all muses 192 effects, from 36 different nations. The language is of course English as it is an international art museum. Initiated by mayors preface to the presentation of art's diverse forms of expression. The basic idea is to create a visual time pocket of the first 25 years of this century. Founder Leif Nielsen thought it would take some years before he needed more space, but it's already happening after only 2 years. "I allow myself to be a little proud of the support I received from my international colleague. I am currently working to find a suitable place so that the concept can be developed. It is a unique concept that has created and secured the only art museum in Denmark that does not receive financial support from the public. The guests come out of the way and it's great that it helps to promote Halsnæs. I am pleased that the site can contribute some artistic experiences to the municipality.

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Frederiksborg Amtsavis lørdag den 08. September, 2018

Again this year, some foreign artists arrive for the reopening of the European Art Museum. It is the artists that have been approved during the year in the unique art collection: European art created in the period 2000-22025. It will therefore grow for a few years yet the end of the end date will come. This year there is also a complete book of all the museum effects. The traveling artists came this time from: France, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Denmark. It should be mentioned that the artist from Portugal was accompanied by a government representative who thus backs up the concept.

Mayor Steffen Jensen officially accepted the foreign guests and briefly briefed the city's history. After the city hall visit, the company went to Vinderød where the event continued with talking music and a little good to the palate. It is fifth times that the house in Vinderød has managed to bring international artists to Denmark. The first time was as a gallery of foreign art exhibitions.

On The Wings Of Grace

Loren Lewisohn

copyright 2005

When the mind is no longer in turmoil, the true seeker, the consciousness within us, becomes established in its pure nature.
-Patanjali Yoga Sutra (1,2,3)

In consideration of possibilities for living more consciously, how is it that each of us can actualise our highest, most profound visions of wholeness? The real progress, as always, is in the quality of authentic awakening. Through the artful process of enlightening self- integration, evolution spawns infinite possibilities for growth and renewal. Embracing our life journeys as meaningful quests for inspired well-being, the realisation is that the process of creative synergy reveals an ongoing synthesis of enlightened energetics – mandalic in scope.

An essential part of our divine enfoldment is related to universal archetypes, which flourish as mandalas present in Nature and human created art. Combining attractive well-balanced symmetrical design with harmonious colors, mandalas are endearing. These beautiful creations not only demonstrate high degrees of artistic prowess, but also are sensitive portraits of ageless spiritual themes. So often, the human tendency is to create illusions of separation from the divine, via thoughts and acyivities that are askew from the wholeness principle. The basic blure print of divine love is continually revealing in its inherent perfection, as immortal sustainable wisdom.

In the words of Slovenian-born, internationally acclaimed, mandala artist, healer, yoga teacher, Ms.Viviana Siddhi: "The word mandala, derived from Sanskrit, means sacred circle of life and all that it contains. It is a symbol of healing and wholeness in spiritual traditions around the world since ancient times. In many traditions and cultures, sacred symbols are used in the mandala art as tools of concentration and meditation. These also serve to assist physical, psychological and spiritual renewal. This tradition is quite ancient in archaic societies; man viewed himself as part of Nature, and Nature as integral to himself. In possession of this unity, he used sacred symbols which enabled him to see himself as part of the sacred cosmos, breathing and moving with life wherein all elements of existence were interlinked."

The universe is a holographic mobius of infinite proportions, from which this sacred framework, limitless evolution transpires. According to Viviana, (who has been painting mandalas for over 26 years): "Sacred circular symbols and other universal geometric forms are the symbolic language of living spirit. If they are made in a meditative state, they are pure information from the universe. We are all light beings with unique missions. As soon as we open our hearts to this creation, we gain deep peace. We have nothing to lose. Our life is a learning journey of unconditional love. Mandalic forms and scintillating colors are purveyors of health and transformation."

Another creative artist/researcher, Judith Cornell – a worldwide seminar leader in the field of psychology, philosophy, science, and spirituality, comments: "The sacred art of the mandala reflects the soul or luminous consciousness, the essence of who we really are, an empowering path to well being and self-knowledge. Mandalas reflect the harmony and beauty of non-material reality, our essential spiritual nature. The sacred art of the mandala, mirroring the vibration, light of consciousness, can be viewed, as the creative link between science and religion, consciousness and God, are one and the same. The whole universe creatively arises out of this one light of consciousness as ever-changing electromagnetic patterns of energy. The mandala in its highest tantric representation is a symbolic pattern of light and sound, reflecting the evolution of the universe and the supreme, blissful realization of the soul or higher-self within the human body/mind remembering and experiencing itself as a spark of the original pure clear light of consciousness."

Reflecting on mandalic art, Viviana comments: "For the mind, all paintings are alive – they breathe, glow and carry in themselves the power of the unconscious. When one discovers one's unconscious, the long journey to growth, self-respect, creativity and light begins. One's view of life suddenly, radically changes. There is no understanding of time and space for the spirit. The paintings are in the eternal present… they are alive. The soul can feel and hear only the present. It witnesses omnipresence through Nature and reveals enlightenment through the sensibility of deep feeling and acceptance of intuition. This seed is enlivened in the heart.

Along the spine in the human body are seven major mandala vortexes of creative energy called chakras. Each of these centers contains different vibratory rays of colored light and sound, which regulate the body and mind. When we absorb life with the eyes of the heart, we intuitively recognize that we are no longer seekers of life, but just simply – are… As we move, the whole universe moves, and this is the space of unity with life, with Nature, with God."

It was with thoughts of experiencing sacred space, and receiving firsthand glimpses of some mandalic creations painted by Viviana, I made a pilgrimage to a well-known place of worship – venerable Grace Cathedral located in downtown San Francisco. Here is what transpired:

The most remarkable aspects of the Cathedral, aside from the depth of the cavernous interior and the spaciousness of a plethora of vaulted Gothic arches, is a circuitous mandalic labyrinth that draws ones attention. According to A Pocket Guide to Labyrinths courtesy of Marilyn Larson and Leslie Schultz: "This pattern, recently popularized in the USA by the work of the Reverend Dr.Lauren Artress, is among the most frequently encountered patterns. The most famous is the pattern inscribed within France's Chartres Cathedral. Its shape and complexity was created in 1202 C.E. The eleven-circuit design, organized into four quadrants, is a variation of the concentric circle pattern reputedly walked by pilgrims, as a metaphor for the journey to Jerusalem. These medieval church labyrinths illustrate the allegory of Christ's life and destiny. Thousands of people discovered the modern applications of this powerful and accessible way to cultivate inner peace. Labyrinth patterns are tools for centering the mind. These patterns are examples of a sophisticated technology for asking a question, considering the question from all angles, and then listening deeply with the whole self. The combination of outer movement and inner stillness allows insights to surface. Labyrinths offer an immediate way to step into the present moment, the place where linear time and eternity meet." This is the right moment that we connect with Viviana's painting entitled "God's Presence" as a way to deepen the divine experience.

A striking example of mandalic art, as a way to deepen the divine experience, is Viviana's painting entitled "God's Presence" – a large 5'x5' circular mandala that Grace Cathedral received as a gift from Reverend Colby A.Cogswell. Viviana states: "If we meditate on the mandala, which reveals the power to collapse time and space and bring us into the very heart of healing, the place where we dissolve into oneness, we are drawn into the very light of creation itself, as well as inspired, uplifted and in touch with the higher- self, with "our own true nature". There is a feeling of comming home. We enter into the divine consciousness from which that archetype emanates."

The direct experience of unitive Presence is a tangible blessing inside Grace Cathedral highlighting ever-available luminous possibilities. Omnipresence is one great truth!

A Symbol of Light, Harmony and Power
by D.V., MD

God is light and the light the is the Universal Healing Force, the essence of all that is. Light is the eternal truth, the living flame residing within the heart of man.

The light manifests itself as color and sound. Sound as music express the rhythm, melody and harmony of the universe.Music has the power to open oneself to one's deepest feelings. Through music one may transcend the mundane and experience the essence, purity and joy of one's self and all of creation. The same is true with color. The use of color and its occult or hidden significance has been used throughout the ages to affect more positive states of beingness.

The rainbow, the objective manifestation of the inner harmonics and purity of divine intelligence and divine love, is nature's most dramatic and transcendental statement as to the nature of reality.

Through science we know that there is a direct relationship between the seven colors of the spectrum, the seven notes of the musical scale and the seven glandular systems of the body. Each color and note has a unique vibratory rate and pattern which stimulates in a corresponding manner the energy centers or chakras within the mind and in a corresponding fashion within the body, for mind and body are one.

The light as conscious electromagnetic energy from the sun enters into the body through the optic nerves of the eyes. The light directly stimulates the pineal gland. The pineal gland is aphoto-reactive organ and is responsible for the production of mellantoin, a powerful neuro-humoral agent. Mellantoin is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. The light upon entering the brain travels down into the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is that aspect of the brain which mediates moment-to-moment subconsciously all the vital processes of the body via its direct and immediate connections to the pituitary gland and the autonomic nervous system. The hypothalamus is filled with chromophilic cells which convert the electromagnetic signal of light into a neuro-chemical impulse which is then carried directly to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland in turn elaborates and secretes hormones which in turn stimulate the secretion of other hormones within the body, thereby maintaining homeostasis within the body.

The hypothalamus also contains within itself the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system via the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system control the blood flow and hence the oxygenation of the body. By exposing the subconscious mind to pure vibration be it pure color or pure sound, one balances the neuro-endocrine system of the body. It is within the simple understanding that one may realize the immense power music and color have upon integrating and expanding the mind and hence bringing healing to the body for healing is the realization that one is always more than one thinks one is, for in truth we are infinite in potential, divine in nature; perfection perfecting itself.

The mandala has appeared throughout man's history as a universal and essential symbol of integration, harmony and transformation. It gives form to the most primordial intuition of the nature of reality, an intuition that is inherent in each of us, giving us life.

To westerners, the popular reintroduction of the mandala concept may be specifically traced to the work of dr.Carl G.Jung who rediscovered the mandala as a base structural device in the alchemical tradition of the west, and as a therapeutic integrative art form created by patients in their own search for individuation. In "The secret of the Godlen Flower," dr.Jung and the orientalist Richard Wilhelm relate the idea of the mandala as a therapeutic device to the mandala as a ritual, meditative technique conducive to mystic exaltation. In either the aim is a higher level of integration. By attuning one's mind to the mandala one becomes the mandala, integrating and impressing upon the psyche patterns of order and harmony which are translated bioenergetically into feelings of profound relaxation and a heightened sense of awareness.

Humankind has now come to a turning point in its evolution. We are witnessing the disintegration and reintegration of the social, philosophical,economi and political matrix of this planet. This synthesis guided by a new consciousness, a consciousness based on the concept of the mandala, will lead humanity back to itself and humanity shall discover its essential nature and find it rooted in love. From this realization man will find his freedom. He will know the infinite richness, love and compassion which governs the universe of light. Man will look upon creation with new eyes, with the eyes of love, compassion and understanding, cleansed forever of lust, hatred, fear and selfishness.