1991: Bar Peglezen, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Shop MM, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1992: Hotel Palace, Portoroz, Slovenia
1993: Sai Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1995: Art Gallery Jelovsek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Restaurant Okarina Gallery, Bled, Slovenia
Gallery Mrlyse Aebl, Bern, Switzerland
1996: Vegetarian Restaurant Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Library Gallery, Sentjur, Slovenia
Art Gallery Jelovsek, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997: Something Special, Sausalito, CA, USA
Golden Flower Meditation Hall, Mill Valley, CA, USA
Art Gallery Moravske Toplice, Martjanci, Slovenia
1998: Jack's Internet Cafe Gallery, Grass Valley, CA, USA
Pilgrim's Way, Carmel, CA, USA

2009 Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, Neyyar Dam, India
2015: LBN College, Lucky Institute of Professional Studies, Jodhpur
2017: Naturopathic Physicians & Acupuncturists' Conference, Melbourne, Australia


1996: Hospital Art Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Linetzky Molinaro fine Art, San Francisco, CA, USA
6th Annual Marin Arts Council Member Expo, Corte Madera, CA, USA
1998: Pro Art Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA

2006 Marin Arts Council, Civic Hall, San Rafael, CA, USA
2008 Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA, USA
2009 Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA, USA
2010: Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA, USA
2011: Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA, USA
2012: Art Explosion, San Francisco, CA, USA
2013: ICB Artists, Sausalito, CA, USA
2014: ICB Artists, Sausalito, CA, USA
2015: ICB Artists, Sausalito, CA, USA


1996: Interlingua, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997: Wagner Realtor, Hollister, CA, USA
Interlingua, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1998: Gallery Florijan, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Contra Costa County Medical Health, Intensive Care, CA, USA
Community Support Project, Pittsburgh, CA, USA
Stroke Handicapped Rehabilitation and Education, Seaside, CA, USA
1999: Author of medical process for group rehabilitation using mandalas
Patented with Department of Science and Technology, Office of the Republic of Slovenia. Register number P-9900047 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2013: Yoga in Daily Life via Mandalas, Bangalore, India The Art of Transformation, UYLS, India
2014: Sacred Mandala Workshop, Narwana, India Scientific, Social and Spiritual Awakening with Yoga & Mandalas, Ujjain, India
2015: LBN College, Lucky Institute of Professional Studies, Jodhpur, India


1995: AURA Magazine, July edition, Slovenia
Karma Magazine, Winter edition, Slovenia
Der Bund Review, Autumn edition, Switzerland
1995/1996: AURA Magazine, cover art for all 12 issues
1997: HORUS Magazine, February edition, Slovenia
1998: AURA Magazine, January edition, Slovenia
HORUS Magazine, June edition, Slovenia
1999: AURA Magazine, Slovenia
2006 DVD On the Wings of Grace, CA, USA
2009: Pearls of Ancient Wisdom (Poetry with colorful art work), CA, USA
2011: Life of the Spirit (Poetry), CA, USA
2011: Best Poets & Poems, Golden Award, CA, USA
2012: Pearls of Ancient Wisdom (updated edition, black & white art work), CA, USA
On The Wings of Grace (Poetry), CA, USA
2014: Stillness (Poetry), CA, USA
2017: Beam of Light (Poetry), CA, USA


1995: Catalog, Color as Confession, Ljubljana Press, Slovenia
1996: Calendar 1997, Kocevje Press, Slovenia
1997: Video Healing Mandalas, Offerings from the Heart, Mill Valley, CA, USA
2004: God's Presence postcards, Modern Postcards, Carlsbad, CA, USA


2002: Meditation Mandala, BodyWiseYoga, San Rafael, CA, USA
Healing Mandala in private massage room, San Rafael, CA, USA
2003/2004: Nature, Frog's Spa, Fairfax, CA, USA
2005 Entrance for Antique store, Crescent City, CA, USA
2006 The Power of Healing, Ayurveda clinic, Hayward, CA Nature, Crescent City, CA, USA
2008: SPA, Fairfax, CA, USA
2017: SPA Fairfax, CA, USA


2004: God's Presence, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA, USA
2007  Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc., CA, USA
2015: The Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc., Project Village Masaka, Uganda


2012: Spirit's World (Poem), Golden Medal, CA, USA
2013: Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science, Ujjain, India
2014: Executive of the Year Honoree (Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc.), CA, USA
   Badge, National Council of Elite American Executives, CA, USA
   MTC Global Award of Excellence, Bangalore,
   India IYS, Ujjain, India
   Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, Silver Bowl, CA, USA
   Transformational Management Teaching Methods,
   Bangalore, India
2015: Lucky Institute of Professional Studies, LBN College,
      Jodhpur, India
     Sankalp, MTC Global, Bangalore, India
     Kirowooza orphanages, Masaka village, Uganda
2016: Outstanding Achievement in Poetry, Silver Bowl, CA, USA
     MTC Global & MTFI Special Recognition Group Award,     Bangalore, India
2017: Naturopathic Physicians & Acupuncturists Recognition, Melbourne, Australia


2014: Viviana Siddhi Ji, Narwana, India


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