Viviana Siddhi is a Slovenian-born artist who creates mandala paintings as a spiritual practice for both artist and observer. Viviana also holds sacred mandala workshops to teach the healing power of mandalas.

Her works have appeared in exhibitions in the United States Switzerland and Slovenia, and hang in sacred places, from meditation rooms and yoga studios to San Francisco's Grace Cathedral.

Viviana is also spiritual teacher, Conscious Bodywork practitioner, DNA healer and yoga teacher available for private consultations.

God's Presence
Grace Cathedral
San Francisco, CA

"Contemplate the mandala as a tool for your spiritual journey in this house of prayer for all people" - Grace Notes 9/04


I will be showing selected artwork.
Kensington Town Hall
More Info HERE

Mandala Representation Youtube movie

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram Youtube movie

A Message from Viviana

I've been painting mandalas for 26 years, and step by step I've discovered the way to my inside.

One of the paths leading to the light is through the understanding of our patterns - if we are brave enough, and have the insight to discover them and transform them with love into positive energy. The other path is an intuitive one with a deep faith in God and in positive energy, nature, which is all the time with us, even in every thought, word, action, prayer or request.

At every step, we have messages leading us to the light. We just have to be present here and now, every moment. When we are able first to follow the voice of the heart, intutition and then use our intellect for the right perception of life, we are on the way to the light-God.

When I paint, my soul becomes one with the colors and forms and together they create the mandala. Each step follows the other, as I enter a meditative state and contemplative union where time doesn't exist and all is One.

At the same time, this is the way that we learn to be present during each moment of our life.

By gazing on the artwork, the viewer is invited to enter the same meditative and spiritual state. Art created in this dual awareness offers direct access to non-dualistic spirit.


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