Ancient Wisdom
Oil on canvas

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Two beings can be one with the motion
if they are coming from deep emotion.
There is also freedom,
the root of ancient wisdom.

The pearls are for you
once you overcome the fight
sleeping deep inside.

You can face deep secrets
when you open the heart to the sacred
on the bottom of the ocean
hidden from emotion.

It is the past, the present and the future
waiting to rule your fortune.
Once thoughts are pure and happy
you can discover
the unlimited power
and awaken the sacred flower.

It is there for new creation
to awaken interdimensional potential.
In case there is fear
you can call the Native American Bear.
He will help transform the illusion,
so you can again swim with the ocean.

Ancient knowledge is not the blockage
once you learn how to be free within sacred order
guiding you back to the pearl model.