Workshop organized by Respected Principal of Arya Sr.Secondary School Mr. Sanjay Chaudhary Jee with  international awarded Artist Viviana Siddhi. More than 50 students made beautiful paintings and experienced active meditation. Thank you, Sanjay Jee! Thank you, Mehar Chand Mudgil!

Mandala, which means "sacred circle" in Sanskrit, symbolizes the uniting of darkness and light in inner harmony, synchronizing both halves of the brain, affecting higher degrees of concentration and fostering increased creativity as well as deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Through painting Mandalas, we can tune into the natural rhythm of the universe, and connect with the wheel of life in our hearts. We begin to experience ourselves as a single focal point in a great stream of unifed energy. Through this awareness, we become attuned to the natural rhythms of our universe.


  • We can gain full benefits from yoga without "monkey mind"
  • Deepen active meditation
  • Subconscious mind with awake state
  • Increase insights
  • Encourage inner peace & mental balance
  • Increase creativity
  • Transform to be positive in any aspect of your life
  • Transform blockages and reach goals in natural way
  • Enjoy life and dance through challenges
  • Work through traumatic experiences
  • Cope with stress
  • Resolve conflicts and challenges
  • New perceptions enabling positive changes, growth & healing
  • Discover what's really most important to you in your life
  • See daily choices for an effective, balanced & fulfilling life
  • Learn to eliminate any obstacles that stands in your way
  • Learn to keep the intention for your goals & create your life

Let's Create A World in Which Everyone Can Win

Viviana teaches art as a spiritual path where each individual discovers their soul and learns to create their own sacred mandala with love.

Each conscious or unconscious thought is a vibration of energy, that takes expression in the form of a mandala bringing a personal message. After realizing these messages in life, questions and problems begin to disappear and peace takes instead. When we perceive the energy that guides us and are ready to submit to it, we revive anew.

I've become aware that serving this energy has the same source as serving one another. Our acts are rewarded with delight and happiness without doubt. Here we could found the way to awake and come to terms with our own God.

A mandala unites darkness and light in inner harmony. By making mandalas, we can exhibit higher degrees of concentration, increase creativity, think more positively, regain our self-confidence and be present in every moment. We become peaceful and mentally balanced. When we are able to recognize and gain trust in personal messages, follow them and realize them in our daily lives, we become free of questions and doubts.

God lives inside us and all around us. The wheel of life is in our hearts. This is the way to get in tune with God and natural rhythm of the universe. It is time for us to realize that we are creators of our lives. We have been granted this blessing because we have claimed our ascended and free state. Together, standing in the Light.This activity is the Celestial bridge over which all life on Earth finds their freedom in the Light.

If you desire to increase your personal awareness, and enliven you consider participating Viviana's three-day workshop or private art therapy session.